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SPIRIT SPACE is located in Port Colborne, Ontario and offers affordable access to energy medicine in the form of chakra light + sound therapy. At this time, our services are offered by appointment only. If you would like to shop our retail selection, you can book a "curiosity visit" online or get in touch to make arrangements.

Each private, individual session is 30 minutes long and can be customized with one of several sound/vibration programs designed to help you find calm, clarity, pain relief and more.

Individual sessions are $25 (tax included) and multiple sessions can be purchased at a discount. Trade or barter payments are happily considered.


SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Relieve Stress

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Improve Sleep

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Enhance Focus

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System


What is this all about?

Within the heart of SPIRIT SPACE dwells a conviction that each of us has access to a greater power. When we quiet our minds, turn inward, and apprehend our inner reality we are building our capacity to access that power.

Regardless of what we call it - God | Source | All That Is - or the methods we use to approach it, our knowledge and experience of that power can only grow and develop as we take responsibility for our own journey and step into the unknown.

When you come to SPIRIT SPACE to lay down at the “end of the rainbow” and open yourself to the healing tones, you are making an agreement with yourself to honour your own greater knowing. The treatment creates a soothing, enriching environment in which to explore your current energetic state and make changes as YOUR spirit leads you.

Connection matters.


One of the essential purposes of SPIRIT SPACE is to create community and connection among those on the spiritual path. As circumstances allow (ahem, coronavirus), we offer regular gatherings to provide support during spiritual shifts as well as opportunities to discuss and explore some of the big ideas circulating in contemporary spiritual communities.

As we move into the new year we will be planning additional events that bring a little extra magic into our lives. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop or sign up for one of our regular groups.

Tarot Card Readings

SPIRIT SPACE is committed to offering "doorways" to spiritual experiences, including tarot card readings. We partner with different readers and strive to provide quality experiences at any price range.

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Are you a provider of spiritual or energy services in Niagara? If you would like to have a chat, grow your network, teach a class, provide readings, or access a space in which to practice your trade in Port Colborne, please get in touch.

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Shop & Library

We carry a selection of tarot cards, incense, Himalayan salt products (including inhalers to support respiratory heath), crystals and tumbled stone, clothing, jewelry, plus custom intention-infused objects like drinking vessels and mirrors. Drop in to browse or take a minute after a treatment to explore enriching items to gift yourself or share with your spirited friends.

Join our Book Club and borrow from our growing library of spiritual texts.

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The relationship of light and sound to human health and experience is a fascinating and complex subject. You are encouraged to explore the articles, papers, and sources found via the link below.

How Does It Work?

Sessions take about 45 minutes to complete and include a full 30 minutes of chakra light + sound therapy.

The price for a single session is $25 (tax included). Multiple sessions can be purchased at a discount.

Learn more about the treatment.

When you arrive you will take off your shoes and lay on a comfortable bed in a private, enclosed space. The sound therapy is delivered via studio quality headphones and vibrational pads placed on the ankles and wrists. (If you are able, avoid wearing thick socks. Ankle socks are best.)

Once you are settled, you will close your eyes and the chakra lights will be directed at each of your major energy centers. The lights emit energy in the safe range of visible light.

When the sound program is finished, the lights will be turned off and you may take a few moments to gather yourself before exiting the treatment area.

The treatment area and equipment are cleaned after every use.

First Visit

First visits take at least one hour to complete. (More if we get to talking, and we probably will!) Before your 30 minute session we will discuss the service, address your questions, and go over the necessary forms. You are welcome to linger after your treatment to discuss your experience.


Sound therapy is safe and presents few risks, however, in some situations it is not advisable to participate in sound therapy.

Sound therapy is not recommended for clients with epilepsy, seizure disorders, severe autism spectrum disorder, mental impairment, severe panic disorder, recent traumatic brain injury, or those with an implanted electrical device (ex. pacemaker).

If you are pregnant, it is sometimes recommended that you do not use the ankle pads, depending on baby's reaction. Sound therapy is not available for children under 16 years of age.

Light therapy is safe and available for everyone. In cases where sound therapy is not recommended, the client may substitute soothing music of their own choosing.

The relationship of light and sound to human health and experience is a fascinating and complex subject. You are encouraged to explore the articles, papers, and sources found via the link below.

Sound Therapy

The sound therapy programs at SPIRIT SPACE are provided via HUSO. By delivering uniquely enhanced human toning sounds (HUSO = HUman SOund) through headphones as well as through pads placed on major acupuncture meridians, HUSO introduces specific modulated frequencies that are balancing and harmonizing throughout the body. The frequencies generate a sympathetic resonance in the fascia and a piezoelectric response in the cells of the fascia, which distributes the frequency throughout the body.

HUSO sound therapy is not music. It is an arrangement of tones designed to entrain your body to a state of calm, relaxation, release, etc. These powerful tones create a natural resonance in the body that counteracts the disorganizing influences of harmful EMFs, toxins, and stress leaving you with a clear head and a feeling of calmness and well being. HUSO programs are overseen by an advisory board of accredited health professionals and researchers - find details here.

Scroll down to view our sound program menu.

"Human-generated sound is exponentially the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequencies to the body. Our brain and body are hard-wired to readily resonate and entrain with the human voice.

The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well."

Program Menu


Promotes deep relaxation, so that you will sleep soundly and wake well rested.


Gently washes away worry and soothes emotional grief states.


Allows for easier access to problem solving states and the synthesis of new information.


Opens up the mind to higher states of consciousness and meditative states.


Aids in the relief of pain and discomfort on a physical level.


Unclutters the mind, quiets random thoughts & opens the door to inspiration.


Alleviates extreme stress and anxiety, helps to deeply relax mind and body.


Brings you back into your body. Anchors your energy in your body and to the earth.


Facilitates access to memories and resolution of deep-rooted issues.


Quiets the mind so that you are completely awake and aware.

*An introductory series of Calm, Ground, or Relax sessions is strongly recommended for new clients. Discounted pricing for multiple sessions is available.

The relationship of light and sound to human health and experience is a fascinating and complex subject. You are encouraged to explore the articles, papers, and sources found via the link below.

Chakra Light Therapy

The Chakra system is one of many approaches to the energetic reality of human life. It originated in India between 600-1300 CE as part of the Tantrik Yoga tradition. This tradition of study posits that the human form includes a subtle energy body (or light body) that is punctuated by seven main energy centers, or chakras. These centers are thought to serve as vortexes through which the divine light of the universe | god | source enters the human form.

Over time, these energy centers have come to be associated with certain colors and universal life energies or patterns.

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Chakra light therapy is predicated on the notion that the human form contains and emits light and is capable of absorbing and utilizing light energy. Each color, being of a specific frequency, has a specific influence and benefit.

The chakra lights at SPIRIT SPACE reference a commonly used seven chakra system.

The chakra system serves as a powerful model of the energetic structure of the human being.

Even in a modern & popularized context, this ancient system provides a way to understand and interact with the fundamental aspects of our nature.

I AM (First Chakra)
Red is associated with the first (aka Root) chakra, which is located at the base of the spine and said to channel the basic energy of physical existence. It is associated with feelings of safety, security, strength, stability, vitality and passion for life. Red energy (~660nm wavelength) provides the energetic foundation for physical form and identity.

I DESIRE (Second Chakra)
Orange is linked to the second (aka Sacral) chakra, which is located a few inches below the navel and is associated with sexuality, pleasure, emotion, creativity, and desire. Orange energy (~625nm wavelength) represents the desire to expand and create more life.

I DO (Third Chakra)
Yellow is the color of the third (aka Solar Plexus) chakra, which is located a few inches above the navel at the diaphragm. This chakra is associated with confidence, personal power, the ability to plan, the motivation to act, and the power to manifest one's desires. Yellow energy (~590nm wavelength) represents our capacity to assert ourselves in the world.

I LOVE (Fourth Chakra)
Green is associated with the fourth (aka Heart) chakra, which is located in the center of the chest. It is associated with the capacity to love and relate to others with compassion. It is also linked with deep discernment, forgiveness, healing, and the ability to change. This chakra lies in the middle of the human energy system and acts as a bridge between the lower physical and higher spiritual energies of a human being. Green energy (~520nm wavelength) is foundational to expanded and integrated awareness.

I EXPRESS (Fifth Chakra)
Cyan is the color of the fifth (aka Throat) chakra, which is located at the center of the neck. This chakra is associated with communication (in this realm and others), creative expression, deep listening, and the ability to speak one's truth with clarity and confidence. Cyan energy (~500nm wavelength) supports authentic creative and intellectual exchange.

I KNOW (Sixth Chakra)
Blue is associated with the sixth (aka Brow) chakra, which is located between the eyebrows just above the bridge of the nose. This chakra is associated with intuition and the capacity to sense into the subtle realms. It is connected to deep knowing, wisdom and insight as well as inspiration and creativity. Blue energy (~465nm wavelength) represents the filtration of divine knowledge through the human senses.

I UNDERSTAND (Seventh Chakra)
Violet is the color of the seventh (aka Crown) chakra, which is located at the top of the head. This chakra is associated with connection to higher consciousness, transcendence of limiting patterns, clarity, deep wisdom, and spiritual ecstasy. Violet energy (~415nm wavelength) is the gateway to our higher selves.

The relationship of light and sound to human health and experience is a fascinating and complex subject. You are encouraged to explore the articles, papers, and sources found via the link below.


Read on for some interesting information to fold into your world view. If you have an interest in exploring how science, spirit and consciousness intersect, consider joining the SPIRIT SPACE Consciousness Club.

Subtle Energy

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

A simple overview of different cultural approaches to subtle energy or life force.

"Every inhabited continent, and most islands, have a cultural relationship with a universal life force energy. According to these traditions, subtle energy is the omnipresent informational field; a force that functions as the primary energy that sustains all life."

Vibration & Consciousness

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man!

"Over the past decade, we have developed a “resonance theory of consciousness” that suggests that resonance—another word for synchronized vibrations—is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality more generally."

Tam Hunt, 2018

Matter | Fields

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Real talk: Everything is made of fields

"Every particle is actually a field. The universe is full of fields, and what we think of as particles are just excitations of those fields, like waves in an ocean. An electron, for example, is just an excitation of an electron field."

Kathryn Jepsen, 2013

Color Therapy

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution

"The history of color medicine is as old as that of any other medicine. Phototherapy (light therapy) was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. The Egyptians utilized sunlight as well as color for healing. Color has been investigated as medicine since 2000 BC.

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the art of chromotherapy was discovered by the god Thoth. In the hermetic traditions, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used colored minerals, stones, crystals, salves and dyes as remedies and painted treatment sanctuaries in various shades of colors."

S. Yousuf Azeemi and S. Mohsin Raza, 2005

Integrated Panpsychism

SPIRIT SPACE Seven Chakra System

Is Consciousness Universal?

"The theory assigns to any one brain state a shape, a crystal, in a fantastically high-dimensional qualia space. This crystal is the system viewed from within. It is the voice in the head, the light inside the skull. It is everything you will ever know of the world. It is your only reality. "

Christof Koch, 2014


Making Sound Visible Through Cymatics

A brief introduction to Cymatics and how sound can literally shape and reshape matter.

Evan Grant, 2009

Science vs Music

A beautiful video showcasing the effect of sound on various substances.

Nigel Stanford, 2014


SPIRIT SPACE is committed to providing positive group experiences that help foster meaningful relationships and connections within our community. Scroll down to learn more about our regular gatherings.

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Support Circle

The Support Circle is a free monthly meet-up focused on the changes and challenges associated with spiritual growth and personal healing. The group is a safe place to be heard, listen, share and grow.

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Consciousness Club

The Consciousness Club meets monthly to discuss contemporary spiritual topics. Topics include the nature of consciousness and reality, the power of thought and intention, developing spiritual practices, the techniques of manifestation & more.

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Make the Most of Your Session

When you lay down for a session, you are gifting yourself an opportunity to be with your self. There are many ways to approach your time on the light bed and many benefits in getting to know your inner landscape.

Calm Your Mind

Our lives are busy and it is common for our minds to use quiet moments to race around, solve problems, make plans, dwell on conflicts, etc. Sometimes it can feel as though we have no power to stop our minds from going in a million directions at once. But of course, we do!

Focus on Breath

A simple and effective way to calm the mind during a session (or any time :) is to focus on your breathing. Breathing gently and naturally, turn your attention to exploring the sensation of breath moving in and out of your body. If you find your mind wandering off to do other things, simply recognize this and gently bring your focus back to your breath.

If your mind is very active and you are often correcting your focus, remember that this is perfectly normal. Be loving and forgiving with yourself. Single-pointed awareness is a skill. Your learning will be of a higher quality if you are kind to yourself as you develop this skill.

Body Awareness

Body Scan: A powerful way to calm the mind during a session is to bring awareness to the body by performing a body scan. Breathing comfortably and naturally, move your attention to your toes. What do you feel or notice? Tingling? Heat? Weight? Nothing? Being aware of the absence of sensation is a useful component of body awareness. Next, move to your ankles, calves, knees, etc., being curious about everything you are able to notice and feel. Keep moving up until you reach the top of your head. As you perform the scan, try to visualize each body part in your mind's eye. Resist the urge to change anything - your job is simply to notice.

Focus on Sound + Vibration: For some, the tones themselves will overwhelm the ego mind, making it very easy to simply relax into the experience. HUSO sound therapy equipment includes vibrational pads that are placed on the ankles and wrists. As you relax into the sound program, focus your attention on the vibration. Can you feel it in your wrists? In your ankles? How far does the vibration travel through your body? Try placing your hands on your heart, your abdomen, or any place that desires your attention. The vibration of the pads will translate through the wrist pads and you can focus your loving attention on your body as desired.


A session is a good opportunity for contemplation. Choose a topic and allow your mind to gently wander on the theme. For instance, if you choose to contemplate love, bring to mind what you love. What is it that you love about those people, places, animals, things, etc.? Consider how this love has affected you and your life. Consider how you would feel in its absence. You may wish to bring the feeling of your topic into focus and simply dwell within it. Other useful topics for contemplation include gratitude, forgiveness, and generosity.

Energy Techniques

If you have established energetic practices, a session can be a great time to put them to use. For those who are new to such things, the following techniques are offered as an introduction. As you practice becoming aware of and working with your energy you may find new ways to approach it and wish to try new things. This form of "knowing thyself" is a powerful way to support your health and wellness.

Chakra Scan

The chakra system is a powerful lens through which to examine and understand human energies. Each chakra represents a fundamental area of human function and experience and you can use an awareness of the chakras to take stock of your own energetic state.

You can either quickly scan each of your chakras (starting at the root and moving up to the crown), or allow your intuition to guide you to the appropriate chakra(s) for the session. Familiarize yourself with the chakras here.

1. Feel into the chakra by enhancing your awareness of that area of the body. Be curious about the sensations you feel. If you feel discomfort, do not push it away - let it be, explore it and observe how or if it changes on its own.

2. Next, call to mind what this part of your energetic body governs and compare it to what you know of your own life. For instance, in the case of the root chakra, take stock of your vitality. Do you feel energetic and alive? Do you feel depleted? Do you feel safe and secure? Are you afraid? As with the physical sensations, be curious and observe how you feel. Do not judge your feelings or push them away. Acknowledge and welcome your truth. Acceptance is the foundation of change.

3. Feel the pure color of the chakra light pouring into your energetic field. Welcome the energy. Set your intention to love and accept yourself as you are in the moment.

4. If you are doing a full scan, move on to the next chakra.

Aura Awareness

The aura is a general term that describes the energetic envelope that surrounds the human form. Your aura is your energetic home and just like your physical home, it benefits from your care and attention. Use this visualization technique to extend your awareness beyond the boundary of your skin.

First, focus on your breath. Allow stray thoughts to gently fall away. Become aware of the boundary of your body. Feel the warmth and aliveness of your skin. As you breathe, imagine that warmth slowly extending out into the space around you. Visualize an oval of energy forming around you, extending an arm's length away in every direction. With every breath inward, imagine the oval filling light. Imagine the light is filled with love, compassion, kindness, strength, and support - all for you.

Grounding: Imagine that the earth also has an aura. Feel how your energetic envelope exists within hers. Allow your mind to contemplate the beauty and abundance of our planet and visualize your aura being safely held within her powerful field.


Presencing is a gentle, non-invasive technique for processing and releasing deeply embedded emotional patterns. The session begins with 30 minutes of chakra light + sound therapy designed for release and comfort. This is followed by up to 2 hours of one-on-one work involving deep awareness exercises and gentle conversation.

During this process, we work together to welcome your truth - whatever that is. You will be held safely in a space of kindness, compassion, and full acceptance. Even within this state of intentional vulnerability, your privacy is fully respected; details around your personal circumstances are not required for results.

At this time, Presencing sessions are available exclusively on Mondays. Please book at least a few days in advance. If you are a first-time client, you will be contacted to arrange a brief online meeting or phone call so that we can introduce ourselves and discuss the technique prior to your appointment.

If you have any questions about Presencing or chakra light + sound therapy, please call 905.708.6118.

Sliding scale pricing is available. Barter and trade are welcome.

Tarot Readings

SPIRIT SPACE is committed to offering "doorways" to spiritual experiences, including tarot card readings. We partner with different readers and strive to provide quality experiences at any price range.

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Did you know that SPIRIT SPACE offers affordable energy medicine in the form of chakra light + sound therapy?